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Website Info Form

In addition filling out this form, please pick out your very best images of tattoos you’ve done that best show off your work. These images should be bright, clear, and not pixellated.

All photos should be in original format, and not squared. They should not be filtered, either.

Iphone images are fine as long as they are the original images and not screenshot from another website, etc.

-Images Needed-

-a minimum of 9, and a maximum of 15 portfolio images-

-A photo of you; it can be you tattooing, or not-

please make sure if you are tattooing in the photo that your client’s face is not visible. you can send up to three photos of yourself.

send all images to:

-Please submit your form and images by January 17th-

How you would like your name to appear on the website.
Please write a minimum of 3 sentences, and a maximum of 10.
ie: American traditional, japanese, illustrative, neo-traditional, geometric, etc.

to write a short, professional Bio FOLLOW THESE METHODS:


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Conclude the bio by briefly stating any current or upcoming projects, such as a new book coming out. The last sentence should state where you reside, such as "Jane Akindele lives in Ikoyi, Lagos." Adjust the bio as necessary when your education, expertise or achievements change to reflect the most current information.

Some helpful talking points!

Some helpful talking points!

Thanks everyone!


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